Are You A Social Media Geek? Well, You Should Be!

Social media, the subject of discussion amongst everyone today. What started as a simple e-mail in 1975 is now the lovechild of the web. It has grown to be the sole reason for many to surf the internet. Not only is it used for interactions between people and communities all over the globe but has also become an integral part of businessmen all over the world to market their products, promote their brands and even start new ones. As the social media becomes more and more useful we see an explosive growth in the number of followers.

Every year we experience a 16% rise in the amount of people using social media. Currently the number of people using social media are a massive 2.51 billion. Social media followers come in different categories. A large amount of people found on social media are youngster’s. These people use the platform to stay in touch with friends and family and to stay up-to-date with news and current events. Their usage revolves around sharing photos, videos, twitter followers, finding funny and entertaining content or to share their opinion of others thanks to the various options of liking and commenting that we find on the worlds most used social media site Facebook followed by Twitter ,Instagram ,Pinterest ,Tumblr ,Snapchat etc.

Another set of people that follow the social media are as I like to call them ‘The Influencers”. These are the lot that make the most out of the networking site. They become famous by posting stuff that piques the interest of the general audience and as a result gain a large number of following which results in them getting paid by the networking site for each post they make. These include celebrities, bloggers, travelers, fitness experts and the list goes on. It is also because of them that we see a large increase in the amount of people logging inti social networking sites.

The third category is of people that own or run different businesses. Individuals belonging to this set follow social media to keep an insight of what interests their audience and what does not. They use these sited to promote their brands and their ideas. It is a great platform for the marketing of products and introducing new ideas to the audience. Not only that but tremendous brands have their own online sites through which their customers can buy stuff from the comfort of their own home resulting in a large increase in the brands income.


The amount of people using social media is expected to rise to 2.82 billion by 2019. It is definitely the next big thing and this community of social media followers seems to be only rising for times to come.