How Events Like Good Friday, Women’s Day and Black Friday are supported by social media?

These days are very important days in the universe. Each day has its own capability. People around the globe use social media plus they give special respect to these days. Users go out of their way to celebrate these days with their related society. Before diving deep into the social media connection with these days, let’s get a simple idea about these events.

Good Friday

It is a big day marked in the Christian history. As this day Jesus Christ was crucified. The Good Friday mostly comes before the Easter Sunday. Both Easter and Good Friday are in the same week. Christian community observes this day with great respect and patience. Locally Christian practice fast and go to church to offer confessions. On social media, Good Friday is very similar as it is done globally. People show their remorse over the social media. Different religion people also join Christian and would narrate the story of this day on their status so that different people could get the proper knowledge about the event of this day.

Women’s day

Internationally women days is celebrated to be on eight March. This day women rights were granted and people remember this day by celebrating the women’s day. On 1909 first ever women day was celebrated. It was held by the famous socialist party which was in America. Like every woman, the day is greatly shared and celebrated on the social media. Different wishes and stories are shared on the timeline and post of the people. These stories are about the great women their sufferings and effort. Women’s day tags are noted as the highest trend on Twitter on March eight. Different motivational videos are posted on the social media for awareness and motivational of women society. Local conferences are live streamed on the social media. Different kind of awards is given to hardworking local women. There are many days which are categorized as the women day, but March 8 has its great significance. On last women’s day, female a trend has been experienced by female users of Instagram. For sharing their messages with a vast audience, many of them buy real Instagram followers on Instagram to celebrate the day. It is another reason such events are easily supported through the use of social media

Black Friday

Most excited Friday of the year. This Friday is the last Friday before the Christmas as it marks the starting of the holiday. This Friday also marks the shopping season for Christmas. Taking advantage of the event many big store companies gives special offers to the local stores. Thus markets being to swarm with people who want to do shopping for the Christmas for their loved ones. Even employers give their employees holiday on this day so they can go and do some shopping for themselves. On social media, it’s getting really excited. People share a different kind of deals on their walls or tag their loved ones. People post pictures of their shopping on Friday. Many helpful friends and followers also provide information about different sales going in the market. Special stores also make a special post for their featured product of their sales. Social media becomes a platform where a lot of information about different products gets shared among the people.