Social Media is one of the greatest highlights of this century

One of the highlights of this century is the boom of the social media market. Social media has become a significant and sometimes and essential part of our daily lives. Many people read their new, reach out to friends, sign in at the work places all through social media. It has almost become unavoidable. To many people, it’s just a new fad that should pass away in a couple of years. To others, social media has come to stay. Regardless of your opinion about social media, it is quite clear the impact social media has on our lives. But what really distinguishes social media from the other trends that has come and gone?

First, social media platforms have established a global connectivity that other past trends haven’t done before. Fashion trends, social trends, products trends hardly ever reach a global scale, and when they do, they quickly die off after. Social media platforms has rebuffed this philosophy and established themselves as global giants in our world economy. On Facebook alone, there are a billion active people every single day on the platform, connecting with other people through messages, “status” updates and showing admiration of other people’s content through “likes” and “pokes”. With this statistic, it means 1 in 7 people in this world is active on the platform right now. That is an incredible feat never achieved in the history of the world. Social media has got the world engaged. Friends meeting friends of friends, companies reaching out to clients, people sending out event invitations, and lots of other stuff that seem impossible now without social media. Our world has become intertwined with social media and if it is a fad that will pass away, it got lots of work to do. It is part of our day to day lives now. TV anchors read twitter messages live to their audiences, polls are conducted through social media, and lots of really incredible events.

Also, social media provide a huge commercial and business value that is unmatchable. Due to how global the world has become through social media, businesses now have a great opportunity to reach out to their clients without having to turn to the middle man even they can easily Buy Active Instagram Followers to market their products which can increase their clients as Instagram has big role in social media business marketing. Before the advent of social media, the TV and Radio industry controlled marketing. The decided what to put on and what to reject. Essentially, they could charge as much as they wanted to get your business out there. These days however, a business can establish a client base in minutes! With tens and millions of people interacting on the internet each day, it is very easy to reach out to somebody or a client without having to turn to a big industry. Today twitter is filled with customer care accounts from business all over world who’s goal is to ensure the ultimate customer satisfaction. Unsatisfied about a product or service? Getting outrage on the internet is sure going to get you a lot of attention from PR firms, who would rather solve your problem in a flash, than risk other people’s wrath. For marketing companies, social media has been a great blessing. There are actually social media marketing companies, whose jobs are to extend traditional marketing practices over the internet. They study internet trends, follow people’s reaction and can accurately predict people’s interests. Social media has essentially created  another industry that is heavily dependent on it.

Social media can make anybody a star. Remember ‘Kenbone’? or ‘deez-nuts’? These are people in terms of socio-economic status had zero chance of ever having a global publicity yet, social media doesn’t depend on social or economic class of a person, and can make anyone very famous. If we look at platforms like YouTube which attracts more than 2 billion people, there are celebrities whose careers are built around the platform. They have a committed fan base, a product and sometimes professional managers who manage their content and careers. Without the platform, a majority of these people wouldn’t have a career. They wouldn’t be able to break into a tough Hollywood market with their skills yet, a social media platform gives them this benefit to reach out to people all over the world and share a common interest and goal with different people across the globe. ‘Pew die pie’, a Swedish gamer and streaming YouTube celebrity, boasts of about 30 million ‘subscribers’. That is, people interested in his content. Because of this, he was nominated by Time Magazine as one of the most influential people in the planet. His content reaches people of all ages, from young kids to adults interested in his content. It’s safe to say most of the people on the YouTube platform are fully aware of who Pew die pie is. His annual income from the platform is estimated to be about $15 million. There are many like him, several content creators from genres like music to games, movies, art, cars and others, attract a lot of traffic daily from people around the globe. There are educational videos on every topic you could think of on YouTube. It’s a great time to be alive to be a witness to this great phenomenon.

Lastly, social media has brought the world together. The world feels so close these days. The president can be reached anytime as long as you have access to the internet. I remember finding a long lost friend on Facebook and the joy it brought me to be able to find him after these long years. On whatsapp you could call any number in this world for free! Never have we been able to do that. No network operator to pass through, no additional requirements to follow, you could stand in Central Park downtown Manhattan and dial a number to Pretoria, South Africa for free. This great inter-connected world one of the greatest thing to happen. We hear lives being saved through social crowd funding, crimes being solved through Twitter and Facebook and talent being discovered on Instagram. Social media is indeed the greatest discovery of our time