Why people share more funny videos than news on social media?

Social media is a source of entertainment and task performance for people. They use it for different purposes based on their need. They spend their time on social media platforms for personal and business purpose. In this modern era, life cannot be imagined without social media. Social media is used in various forms in daily life such as television, radio, newspaper, magazine, internet and other forms. Male and female prefer different things on social media. According to research, women use social media for entertainment purpose. On the other hand, males use it for their business purpose.

Social media as a source of information

Social media is used as a source of information such as breaking news and events. People belonging to different professions gather information from social media differently. For example, a financial manager uses social media for information related to stock market and interest in such news. Also, a fashion designer takes an interest in news of fashions on social media. It is a powerful source of information. It gives information related to each kind of business and activity. It is the reason; people are more engaged to social media. They join different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. These platforms provide information through pages and profiles.

Social media as a source of entertainment

Social media is mostly used for the purpose of entertainment. Users take an interest in funny videos and movies. They like to spend their spare time on social media by watching movies and entertainment content. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram provide more entertainment material to users. People share more funny videos on Instagram and buy real Instagram followers to entertain users and getting more likes. People from their busy life want to spend their time to be happy. Social media is a major entertainment source for this purpose.

Why use social media

People use social media due to some reasons. They want to keep in touch with friends and relatives through social media. They stay up to date with events and latest news through media sources. Filling up spare time is another reason to spend time on social media. They find funny and entertainment content on it. Some other reasons include sharing opinions, sharing of photos and videos, general networking with other users and meet new people. They want to share activities and details from their daily life.

Why it is a platform for sharing funny videos more than news

Social MediaPeople use media purpose of sharing funny videos for entertainment and news for getting up to date. But they use for sharing videos more than getting news. Users spend their spare time on social media. They prefer to get relaxed by watching funny and interesting videos and images. People do not prefer to be up to date by watching the news on social media because they feel stress and do not get relaxed. More than 80% of users of social media focus on entertainment content.

So, people share more funny videos than news on social media.